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Matheson Optometrists are an authorised supplier of Zeal products only. The official Zeal website is www.zealoptics.com

Made from Castor Beans, not crude oil!

All of the sunglass frames by Zeal are made from Z-Resin, a proprietary, plant based plastic from Switzerland. Instead of crude oil, it's made from oil extracted from the castor bean.




Crude oil releases tons of co2 during the maufacturing process. The castor plant however has a positive effect on the environment and can be replanted. In fact, it's a perfect resource bacause its an efficient, extremely fast growing perennial that is easy to grow, withstands drought and thrives on marginal lands - meaning it doesn't compete with food crops






New Hyperion™ Lens Technology: Clear, Light and Better for Your Eyes

Introducing the optical market's newest lens technology that is exclusive to Zeal. Hyperion™ Lens Technology produces hybrid, injection-molded de-centered lenses. They have the lightness of polycarbonate materials combined with the optical clarity of glass, resulting in wide, crystal clear views with an abbe value of 38. They meet all ANSI, EU, and AU impact-resistance standards. Most styles in the line are available with prescription lenses.




Unlike other manufacturers who apply film or coatings to sunglass lenses to improve eye protection, Hyperion Lenses embed new highly specialized SPF film and formulated resins to significantly reduce the sun's glare by 99 percent, cut 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and eliminate 95 percent of High Energy Visible wavelengths that can lead to serious eye diseases.

Superior polarization technology is built into each Hyperion Lens to block undesirable light waves and significantly enhance color so that you can live your life in high definition.

Z Resin™ in Colorful Frames Reduces Carbon Footprint

All sunglass frames by Zeal feature Z Resin™, the company's proprietary, bio-based material made from the oil of castor beans. "Castor oil is a legitimate alternative to crude oil-based plastics because the castor plant does not compete with food crops and can be planted in places where other plants cannot grow". Zeal is able to use significantly less energy in the manufacturing process which results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The goal for Zeal is to create the smallest overall carbon footprint for the company."

The new line of Zeal Sunglasses features offerings for performance sports enthusiasts, as well as for people who like to blur the lines between adventure and routine. All lenses feature a mellow copper color that enhances vision in variable conditions, from bright sun to clouds. Selected styles feature Zeal's exclusive My Fit Nosebridge™ technology that is ultra-adjustable, up to 50 percent vertically and horizontally, for a wide range of global facial features.

The fashion-forward Lifestyle line is designed for living life to the fullest. These sunglasses are styled for work and play, from the office to the pub to the beach, and everything in between. The styles hint at the past, but incorporate modern design and blended materials resulting in signature looks for men and women. Within this line, rounded and squared frames are detailed with aggressive striped patterns, accented with metals or mellowed with pastel colors. But don't let their laid back style fool you, hidden behind each frame are high-tech features like hypoallergenic ProFlex Rubber™ details that help the glasses sit comfortably on the face and stay in place during activity. Styles in the Lifestyle line, include Re-Entry, Epic, Felicity, Brody and Penny Lane:

Styles in the Active line are designed for more aggressive wear. These are the sunglasses for life on the go. Put them on to slide into home plate, spike a volley ball or take a spin on your beach cruiser. Frames in the Active line hug closer to the face and incorporate ProFlex Rubber throughout the inside of each frame to securely hold them in place. Nearly all of these styles use My Fit Nosebridge technology for a custom-feel fit. Styles in the Active line, include Ridgeline, Backyard, Snapshot, Essential, Zeta, Takeoff, Insomnia, Upside, All In and Boundary

Performance styles – Eos, Equinox and Helix - are designed for the most rugged wear. The streamlined profile of these glasses is designed to improve aerodynamics. Unique temple designs enhance ventilation. A crisscross nose bridge increases the overall strength of the glasses. Near-rimless frames offer the widest field of view. And, inside the frames, added ProFlex Rubber enhances stability and gripping power. The Performance styles are not available with prescription lenses.

Matheson Optometrists are an authorised supplier of Zeal products only. The official Zeal website is www.zealoptics.com